Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MMH Hijab Tutorial: Hana Tajima Style

A hijab tutorial inspired by Hana Tajima hijab style (http://hanatajima.tumblr.com/)

What u need to have:

1- An inner or tudung syria  that can cover your neck
2- A pashmina Shawl
3- 1 brooch
4- 2 pins

You can get the pashmina i used in the video at Batch 48

apology: sorry for the bad quality of the video, i was using my phone and the lightings in my room wasn't really helping during the making of the video... therefore i am sorry again :)



  1. tq 4 the tutorial
    nice n simple
    agak2 law kena angin melayang x slendang 2

  2. xleh view plak video tuh..huhu

  3. eijot @ eina: welcome dear :) nanti cube k! Style ni insyAllah kalau ditiup angin x melayang!

    eT: Komputer awak problem kot.. cube check balik k!