Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post Mortem: RANtai


Sorry for the late updates :) Busy sangat2! BTW Thanks sangat2 for those who came to Modish's booth during RANtai!! We had a BLAST!!! :) I would say this is the BEST bazaar that we've joined! We are looking forward for MORE Offline sales next year!! Sape2 yang nak invite tu, please do email me :) i'll be honor to join if the offer is interesting :)

Since most of new stuffs sold during RANtai, so this week xde update la ye, tapi insyAllah new year ni i'll be stocking new items :) probably this Saturday saya cube upload k! InsyAllah ada Price Drop Sales skali, sebab nak clearkan stock :)

That's all for now, i'll leave you with these pictorials... enjoy! :)



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